A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The game

No Rest is a humoristic voxel-like adventure game in which your character is stuck in an endless reincarnation loop. As the player, you travel across many ages and places to restore the karma balance of different lives.

How to play

The game uses the mouse left click only.
Music volume and language can be change in the opening menu options.

Dev log

The game was updated this 21th of June 2017 ! Play again and discover new features !

Known issues :
No big known issue right now. Tell us in below if you find any bug !


The following three developers has participated to the creation of the concept and the game design :

Éloïse Tricoli (EloShamportfolio)- Original concept, level design, character design, scenario, 3D modeling, texturing, animations.

Aymeric Steinbach (Xhinportfolio) - Programming, Unity development, level design, scenario, dialogs writing

Ludivine Reisen (ludivinereisen ; portfolio) - Character design, 3D modeling, texturing, storyboarding

Sarah triquet - Music and sound design

This game is a end-of-study project for the ESA St-Luc school of Brussels.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and execute the application according to your system (or simply download and play with the itch.io application).


Windows 64bits executable (41 MB)
OSX application (56 MB)
Linux 32 & 64bits (59 MB)

Development log